5 steps to inbound marketing automation to boost your busin…

5 steps to inbound marketing automation to boost your business

Source – https://www.forbes.com/sites/marketshare/2012/05/22/when-it-comes-to-inbound-marketing-time-is-definitely-of-the-essence/#45bbcd1a70e8

The concept of inbound marketing has changed the way companies do advertising and prepare their marketing strategies. In inbound marketing the customers are brought in touch with your content and an interest in generated. After that, the targeted customer finds out more about your product and enquires further till he makes a purchase.

Inbound marketing is already a time tested method of marketing but with recent improvements and changes in technological landscape and innovations like search engine optimization, the inbound marketing strategies also needs changes. Nowadays companies are focusing on the inbound marketing automations for business growth which can save a lot of their time, effort and money of course! Therefore here in this article we are going to write about five steps to inbound marketing automation for business growth.

1. Pay per click automation

A lot of companies have understood the significance of doing advertisement on internet. While the social media posts and free advertisements can help you a bit, nothing can beat the pace of automation. Pay per click program lets you put an advertisement which will appear when a certain website is accessed. Paid advertisements can be framed in such a way that it catches the attention of buyer. This can be done easily with a click of a mouse. You need to decide the ad content and place it for pay per click program. It can reach millions of people in a speed which you cannot imagine if done otherwise.

2. Pop-up subscriber messages

Have you noticed most of websites try to sign you up on their sites? Once that is done, you start receiving the promotional newsletters and emails which offer striking deals. People who are interested in the product and have signed up themselves find it good to get the offers and deals by emails. Thus in a way it helps to increase the business.

3. Tracking your visitors

Nowadays it has become possible to track your visitor and personalize the experience for his next visit on your website. With the help of , companies are trying to automate everything they can to increase their business. Using various analytics software you can find what your visitor did last time and how you can improve the content further so that the visitor is converted into a lead.

4. Personalized content

You don’t want to flood and spam your customer with advertisements which are not relevant to him. Thus based on the cookies, the search engine can track each and every activity of the user on browser. This can be carefully used to push advertisements to that user profile based on his searches. Let’s say a person has searched for a watch, the keyword can then be used to push various advertisements to the person with latest deals and offers.

5. Online campaigns

There are many inbound marketing consultants who can help in planning an inbound marketing campaign for your product. You can make use of automations which help in determining the search engine optimization quality of your webpage. If your webpage fails the SEO test, you can automatically find the areas where your blog or article needs improvement and redesign it again before publishing. To create an online campaign you need to first understand who your audiences are? If they fall in a given age limit, the content and outreach strategy should be planned accordingly. You can try making use of affiliate marketing too. Thus without your manual effort, you can have business grow with help of automations.


It is very common these days for websites to publish contents automatically based on a keyword. Knowledge about how SEO optimization and various online analytic tools work is very important these days. Hence investing your resource on content optimization technologies is also crucial apart from automating the process to make use of contents and advertisements.

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