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ORLANDO, Fla.An Ocoee couple claims a social networking website had their personal information online and some of it was wrong, and then the company wanted to charge them a fee to take it down.


Action 9’s Todd Ulrich found thousands of complaints against and found out what consumers can do to protect their personal information.


Frank and Kathie felt their personal information had been hijacked. They accidently discovered their profiles on


“It showed my salary. It showed where I went to college,” said Frank. He said it also showed where they lived and worked.


MyLife is an online information broker that generates personal profiles from public information, and then rates people’s reputations.


When Frank requested a full profile, it suggested he had a criminal history. “You really don’t know what it means and (you’re thinking), ‘Oh my god I might have a criminal record,’” said Frank.


He knew there could only be a traffic ticket. 


To access details of the report, wanted to charge a $60 membership fee.


“If you don’t like it we can get rid of it, if you’ll pay us,” said Frank.


The couple contacted MyLife, and the company said it would remove their profiles at no charge. The couple said it didn’t happen.


Hundreds of consumers have similar stories, claiming MyLife wanted a fee to remove their personal information.


The BBB has more than 4,000 complaints. It revoked the company’s membership in 2015. MyLife is now rated B since it does respond to complaints.


You should definitely be concerned about that,” said privacy expert Haley Kaplan. She’s helped clients remove MyLife profiles. Her biggest concern is that MyLife can use wrong information but charges the consumer to remove it.


“That’s not right and you shouldn’t accept that. If they say no, say I want to see that, you have a right to see your information,” said Kaplan.


Ulrich contacted MyLife. The company removed Siriano’s profiles and told Ulrich the information is gathered from public sites and can be removed free of charge.


I felt very violated,” said Frank.


Laws to protect consumer’s personal information online could be coming.


This summer California passed the first digital privacy law that requires a company to remove all your personal information, if requested.



MyLife response:


We appreciate your Inquiry about the information on The information on each profile page is gathered from public sources, which can be easily found online using a simple Google search.

The referenced profile of Frank and Kathie  has been removed as requested. Please allow the required 24 hours for the profile to be completely removed.

If you are still seeing the page, clear the History/Cache on your internet browser. Sometimes a page you have viewed previously can be seen from your history even though the page no longer exists. If you are seeing search results from major search engines like Google, Yahoo or Bing, allow 5 business days for the results to be removed by the search engine provider.

If you feel that your specific profile was not removed, respond with the website URL of the profile page. Or send the following information exactly as shown on the profile: Name, Age, City, State.

Contact a Customer Care Representative to learn more about MyLife Premium and how to control and monitor your personal information online.

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