Actress Goo Hye Sun talks about ranking 1st on search engin…

Actress Goo Hye Sun talked about ranking 1st on search engines for her recent weight gain.

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On July 14, Goo Hye Sun held a Naver Vlive for her movie ‘Film, And Goo Hye Sun are Talking‘, saying, “Yesterday, I made headlines because of my weight gain, and I even ranked 1st on search engines. That’s why at the event today, I was thinking about whether I should call myself ‘Foolish Goo Hye Sun’ or ‘Gained weight Goo Hye Sun.'”

She continued, “It was really funny, but I also realized that I’d gained weight. Winter is cold to me now, and I heat up sometimes. I feel that I’ve aged when I know my body is changing.”

Goo Hye Sun recently admitted she gained 10kg (22lbs).

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