AI: the fight Google Cloud can win

Fei-Fei Li (Google Cloud)

Fei-Fei Li (Google Cloud)

Credit: Google Cloud

Google Cloud may be losing the battle for market supremacy, but with the war yet to be won, a secret weapon for the channel is emerging.

In an ecosystem now 12,000 strong, developers and partners are turning to artificial intelligence (AI) as a means to unlock customer contracts, chasing big business through smart technologies.

For the technology-focused media, the headline guaranteed to generate the most page views is a simple – Amazon Web Services vs. Microsoft Azure vs. Google Cloud.

Lazy journalism perhaps, click bait absolutely, but in defence of the editorial elite, such a question remains unanswered.

Akin to a fight between a lion and a tiger – or a shark and a whale – the cloud conundrum at this stage is best addressed by market share.

For AWS, a casual nod to the numbers ends all debates with a mammoth stronghold across the globe.

Look to Microsoft, and a quiet confidence exudes. With an army of channel partners totalling more than 300,000 – backed up an unrivalled global customer base – and ‘it’s just a matter of time’  springs to mind.

But then there’s Google Cloud, a late horse to a race already one lap down.

Being third in the cloud isn’t new information for a tech titan built on the foundations of internet search, yet the enterprise advantage could be through the creation of a more intelligent platform.

“AI has evolved dramatically in the last two decades,” observed Fei-Fei Li, chief scientist of AI at Google Cloud. “Technologies like image recognition and machine translation are now a part of everyday life for millions.

“AI has transformed industries all over the world, and created entirely new ones. And in the process, it promises an increase in quality of life and work never before imagined.”

Yet for Li, the promise of such technology is far from being realised, with AI still a “nascent field of many opportunities and challenges”.

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