Algolia launches partner program to help enterprises accele…

San-Francisco-based Algolia announced the launch of its Algolia Partner Program after experiencing significant adoption of its search and discovery API in the past year, the company announced Wednesday.

The new program launched with 20 certified partners. Participating Canadian partners include Accenture Interactive – Altima, Kailop and Shopify, a spokesperson for Algolia told CDN.

Alice Candidat, e-merchandising consultant for Altima, said in a statement that search experiences are becoming increasingly important for businesses and the customers they serve.

“Consumer expectations for content discovery grow every year, which means digital organizations must keep pace and provide personalized search experiences that fit each user’s needs,” she said.

The sunset of the Google Search Appliance – a rack-mounted device launched in 2009 that provided document indexing functionality but was discontinued this year – has led to many customers migrating over to Algolia, said Alexandre Popp, director of channels and alliances for Algolia.

“At Algolia, we also understand that an API-first approach to building search and navigation enables enterprise customers to be more nimble, making our alliances with other technology providers and partners a priority,” he said in a statement. “We are thrilled to join forces with some of the top enterprise technology providers to provide a new home for digital organizations looking to deliver extraordinarily relevant search experiences.”

Through the program, Algolia partners benefit from access to tools, resources and trainings including technical enablement and certification, go-to-market and sales enablement and marketing support.

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