American woman vs. French woman beauty routines

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French women have a particularly effortless beauty routine that differs a lot from American women’s.
Mireya Acierto/Getty

When it comes to French women, Americans always seem to want to know one thing: how do they always manage to look so effortlessly cool? When walking the streets of Paris, it’s impossible not to marvel at French beauty; between the perfectly tousled hair, the no-makeup makeup look that just works, and the general glamour that seems to come naturally to them. That’s not to say that Americans are doing everything wrong when it comes to makeup and skincare but there’s no denying that there’s a big difference between American and French women’s beauty routines.

In fact, an entire industry has basically been built on these differences. The idea of French beauty is extremely profitable here in the US. There are best-selling books on the subject, a product line that is literally called French Girl Organics, and thousands of Google search results on how to master the art of getting ready like a French woman.

Below are the biggest differences between American and French women’s beauty routines that could inspire you to switch up your own.

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