Atlassian move to ditch Stride and Hipchat in Slack deal an…

Atlassian’s Stride and HipChat team chat tools will be discontinued following a deal struck with rival Slack – a move that has “serious” implications for users who will now need to migrate to alternative platforms.

It could also erode trust in the Australian vendor, said one analyst.

As part of the agreement, Slack will pay an undisclosed fee for Atlassian’s team chat assets, while Atlassian – which also owns a range of business collaboration tools, including Jira, Confluence and Trello – will make a “small but symbolically important” equity investment in Slack, CEO Stewart Butterfield wrote in a tweet announcing the deal.

The decision comes less than a year after Atlassian launched Stride as a successor to the popular Hipchat tool. Atlassian had previously said it would continue to support Hipchat Cloud for existing users while it encouraged them to move to Stride.

It also said it that it would be “doubling down” on Hipchat Data Center, its on-premise version of the chat tool.

But Atlassian now says its Stride and Hipchat Cloud products will reach end of life on Feb. 15, 2019. Hipchat Data Center and Hipchat Server customers will receive support until the end of their license period.

Atlassian customers are angry

The deal has drawn the ire of users, with Atlassian customers raising concerns on the vendor’s community forum.

One Atlassian community member said: “This is pretty stupid. Why kill off products that many companies still use? There are some who don’t want, or can’t use, Slack.”

Said another: “What the hell are on-premise customers supposed to do?! We just implemented and invested in this app! We’re building apps in-house for our own purposes. We have zero ability to use Cloud services of ANY type. You are offering ZERO alternatives.” 

“This has serious real world implications for many Atlassian customers, particularly for those using HipChat on-prem,” said Larry Cannell, a research director at Gartner.

Slack CEO Stewart Butterfield expects that the majority of users will migrate to Slack, adding single digits of market share to its business.

Around 2,600 Atlassian employees will now start using Slack following the deal; the  company has encouraged its users to do the same.

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