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(MENAFN – PRLog) Does AWS have a license to kill? Amazon is gaining a reputation for shooting its business partners in the back, says TechGenix. After deciding to ditch databases from Oracle for its own services, Amazon is now looking to replace MongoDB with its own “compatible” version called DocumentDB.

“What’s interesting is that while the Oracle announcement came on the heels of Oracle CEO Larry Ellison boasting that AWS and Salesforce run on Oracle databases,” mulls the site “this one came right after MongoDB changed its licensing terms… what’s even more interesting is the fact that MongoDB changed its licensing terms specifically to prevent this sort of thing from happening, though they seem to be worse off for having done it.”

Other HOT headlines for the Cloud include:
• TechCrunch: F5 acquires NGINX for $670M to move into open-source, multi-cloud services
• Hello, New World…Kubernetes pipelines are about to change the way we do things, reports Container Journal
• Reducing Microservices architecture complexity with Istio and Kubernetes
• Software-defined perimeter brings trusted access to multi-cloud applications, network resources, reports Network World
• JAXenter: AWS launches Open Distro for Elasticsearch, an Apache 2.0-licensed distribution of Elasticsearch
• NVIDIA Hurls $7 Billion at the Data Center, reports Motley Fool

Meanwhile, in a world of microservices, there is arguably no concept more pertinent than application state management, and Tech Target believes the lack of understanding of statefulness and statelessness may stem from the problem that the term “state” often has a wide spectrum of definitions. Ultimately, The site says the “store-nothing” approach is the safest; “a microservice written as a function will never have a problem with state control, no matter how it scales or redeploys, and there’s no partial process threads left hanging to be picked up in error.” However, as long as applications are written for human users, microservices will have to operate “within the context of the natural state… ”

• Juniper just made VMware a multicloud contender, reports CRN Australia
• Adweek: Microsoft rolls out free AI Courses geared toward business leaders
• Datanami asks “What makes Apache Spark sizzle?”
• CI/CD your way… InfoWorld gives us 11 on-prem options for continuous integration and delivery
• The huge explosion of data is causing a headache for organisations, reports Information Age

Meanwhile, controlling cloud costs in today’s hybrid and multi-cloud environments can be onerous especially after a migration or cloud-native application deployment. There are so many variables to consider, from operational to contracts and licensing issues, that if the process is not well managed costs can spiral out of control. MeriTalk believes the best practice for cost management and optimization is “having a good understanding of your resource requirements” and taking advantage of prepayment programs to get a lower price. In other words, having a good understanding of what you are using today, and being able to forecast your usage is in the future.

• The World Wide Web turns 30… Where does it go from here? Asks Wired
• FedScoop discusses improving agility and innovation with a modular approach to cloud adoption
• Google Cloud hires Oracle veteran Amit Zavery to lead Apigee team, reports
• Integration Developers: Scytale delivers “frictionless” Service Authentication for Hybrid & Cloud-Native Enterprises

And lastly, using version control for a DevOps pipeline doesn’t have to be an all-or-nothing affair, reports SD Times who says you can start slowly and build up, when your team is ready. “Start by making your deployments repeatable” says the site “even if they’re manually controlled… then maybe automatically deploy to staging. Then (you can) add automation to deploy to production, but only for specific branches, tags, or after manual actions. When you’re ready, dive into full continuous delivery and have ‘master’ deploy to production on every push.” It might seem scary from where you’re at now, but it’s wonderful once you get there.

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Cloud Blast: NVIDIA is Hurling Cash at Data Centers, Does AWS have a License to Kill? + more

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