Datadog Adds AI-Based Testing Platform Madumbo to Its Pack


Datadog announced today that it will acquire Madumbo for its artificial intelligence (AI)-based application testing platform. Terms of the deal were not disclosed.

The Paris, France-based startup was co-founded in 2017 by Sébastien Deprez, now chief technology officer, and Gabriel-James Safar, now chief executive officer. Madumbo has built a software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform that tests the behavior of a company’s user-facing web applications. According to Safar, the platform leverages a recorder to run through scenarios defined by the company’s product managers and front-end developers to test changes to these web applications.

The startup has an AI-powered bot that automatically recognizes changes made, say for example to the user interface, and runs self-maintaining tests on how the end-user will interact to these changes. The bot also detects errors using code running on a real browser and surfaces the details required to fix those errors.

With this purchase, Datadog is expanding its existing performance monitoring offering to include web-application testing and front-end monitoring. Madumbo’s technology will add the ability to detect front-end errors much faster, while Datadog can find the root cause with its existing performance management services and platforms.

Datadog has been expanding its offerings in the recent years to monitor a variety of network elements and environments. Its main unified monitoring platform has network monitoring application performance monitoring (APM), which it added in 2017, and log management.

Last year, Datadog integrated its hybrid cloud monitoring with Amazon Web Services (AWS) X-Ray distributed tracking and tracing system to monitor serverless applications on AWS Lambda. At the same time it added synthetic monitoring to its unified platform, which tracks application and API availability by simulating user traffic.

Today’s acquisition isn’t the monitoring company’s first foray into machine learning (ML) and AI. Last July, it added Watchdog — which leverages ML, algorithmic learning, and dashboards to automatically identify issues in the network — as well as a trace search and analytics tool — which searches through an enterprise’s application and performance data to provide insight — to its platform.

It still remains unclear exactly how Madumbo’s technology will integrate into Datadog, specifically with its existing ML and AI functionalities. However, Safar noted that having the engineering talent and product vision from Madumbo “will certainly have a big impact going forward. We’re still at work on building a Synthetics product within Datadog that includes Madumbo’s technology along with Datadog’s existing technology,” he wrote in an email to SDxCentral.

Safar added that more details of the integrated product will come later this year.

For Safar, that the purchase of Madumbo is just another extension of Datadog’s platform. “It brings Datadog closer to having the whole IT team using a single solution to collect and share the data they need, reducing downtime and mean-time-to-resolution,” he wrote.

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