Discontinued Cars We Want To Come Back

Nissan is currently riding a wave of popularity with its crossovers while the 370Z and the GTR grow old disgracefully. What we think Nissan needs is an entry-level performance car with serious heritage and street cred to bridge the gap to the sports cars. For that job, there’s only one nameplate to fit the bill and that’s a new Silvia platform with the revival of the 240SX name in North America.

We even have a feature idea for Nissan to ensure a fresh chapter in the Silvia legend, and that’s to make an option for an electronic locking diff rear diff to play up to its drifting heritage. Sure, there will be some accidents leaving Cars and Coffee events, the inevitable viral YouTube video of someone stuffing one backwards into a wall, an insta-ban in Australia for being too much fun, and possibly even a few searching questions from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration here in America. But, most importantly, Nissan’s reputation amongst enthusiasts would go through the roof. They could even provide a little drill and a packet of cable ties in the trunk’s toolkit.

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