Google Launches New Revamped USB-C Headphone Adapter

American search engine giant, Google, has further expanded its hardware portfolio with the launch of a new accessory for its Pixel smartphones – a headphone adapter. The company has been largely trying to make the Pixel line up more popular. While all eyes are on Google for its latest Pixel update, this announcement may have slipped under the radar.

Pixel headphone adapter:

Google is all set to unveil its next-generation smartphone, the Pixel 3 on the 9th of October. So the new dongle is all set to launch as the perfect accessory for the Pixel 3. The accessory has been updated on Google’s store page and now lists the USB C type Headphone Adapter in its list of audio accessories for the Google Pixel.

One of the most talked about feature in the Pixel 2, which was released last year, was the absence of an earphone jack slot. Google, while trying to mimic Apple’s move away from headphone jacks, also incurred the wrath of several Pixel users like Apple as they weren’t impressed that Google was looking to sell another accessory to them.

The move also meant that a pair of headphones, which were bundled in along with earlier Pixel smartphones were now discontinued and users had to buy specially designed headphones developed by Google, very similar to what Apple had done. This certainly didn’t go down well with most users of Pixel.

After much fanfare and requests, the company had finally come out and launched an adapter that will be compatible with any 3.5 mm earphones jack. This product was launched at a price of just $9, which is comparable with the price of Apple’s product as well.

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The Updated Adapter:

Now the company has come out with an updated version of the adapter, which has been launched at a price of $12, slightly higher than the original adapter. However, it must be noted that the new set of adapter guarantees better performance. Google’s store listing page claims that the adapters reduces latency by 53 percent and improves the playback time by 38 percent compared to the older adapters. This is the reason for the increase in price for the adapter.

The new device is also more compact and lightweight compared to its predecessor. It measures 2.8 mm shorter, 0.7 mm thinner, 0.6 mm narrower apart from being 0.4 grams lighter than the older adapter. This has made it more portable than before and with the improvements in efficiency, this will definitely be the natural choice of the adapter and will eventually replace the older versions.

Although the company lists that the adapter is compatible with all devices that are running on Android P or higher, it is specifically designed for the Pixel. It isn’t known if the device is compatible with any other Android devices as well.

It is also widely speculated that the new adapter will be bundled in along with the next refresh of the Pixel – Pixel 3, more specifically the Pixel 3XL variant. However, as of now, the device is compatible with the Pixel 2 and its variants. It is likely that Google will look at demand and sales of these units for the Pixel 2, before deciding if it will be bundling it in for free with the next generation smartphone or charge a separate price for it.

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