Talking to Google’s Assistant is a mishmash of experiences that range from conversing with a service implemented by Google like Weather, to a third-party service that’s part of Home control and thus natively integrated like Philips Hue, to a third-party Actions on Google service that comes with a different voice and requires a “talk to service_name” syntax like Harmony or Todoist. But Google has united all of them under one directory that’s easily accessible from the web or when you invoke Assistant on your phone and tap the blue envelop-like icon on the top right to get to Explore. It’s been possible to rate all those Assistant actions and services before, but reviewing them wasn’t yet feasible. Now you can write reviews along with your ratings – something Cody knew would be coming after a teardown a couple of months ago.

The option isn’t yet live on the Assistant web directory, but it is on mobile. Go to Explore like explained above, choose any service or search for one, and you’ll be able to scroll down to see existing reviews from users (the option has been live for 2 days so there aren’t yet a lot of reviews) and add your own. Right now you can’t do much with your review beside editing or deleting it, and with others’ reviews beside reporting them. Thumbs up and down aren’t yet available so the reviews appear to be chronologically listed.

Still, this should come in handy when you’re wondering whether a service or a smart home product is well integrated with Google Assistant and you check it out only to see a 3-star average. With reviews, you might see someone explaining what the issues are or what to watch out for, so that you can make a better informed decision.