Google to pay over $7,300 fine issued by Russia

MOSCOW – Google intends to pay a 500,000 ruble ($7,350) fine issued by Russian communications watchdog Roskomnadzor for failing to comply with a law that requires search engines to remove links to resources with illegal information from search results, the press service of the company told Sputnik Monday.

The Russian telecoms authority Roskomnadzor has filed a lawsuit against Google because the company did not know blocked websites in the country from search results.

If the Roskomnadzor court gets the right, Google can expect a fine that may rise to 700,000 Russian rubles (converted 9,200 euros). In addition, the telecom watchdog wants Google to join a state register on which all refused websites in Russia are collected. Reuters writes that.

A number of websites have been made inaccessible by the Russian government. The sites are suspected of violating Russian law. Google still links to these websites in the search results.

Russia has in recent years become more strict against search engines to erase results. Social networks must also store personal data of users on servers in Russia.

For the time being, the country is issuing relatively low fines. In addition, Russia is trying to block online services. Anonymous sources argue that the country is working on tougher rules, with which tech companies that break the rules can be tackled harder. The fines would amount to 1 percent of the annual turnover achieved in Russia.

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