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Wild Puma from tree saved in Santiago (12.20 p.m.)Federal government: No sensitive data of the Chancellery published (11.50)took Three to stop on AfD-office in the Saxon town of Döbeln (10.38 PM)car and driver agree on a collective agreement (9.20 p.m.)tropical storm “Pabuk” a Thailand (6.05 PM)Gatwick airport deploys Anti-drone technology (5.13 PM)

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+++ 15.44 PM: SEC-use in the vicinity of the Cologne Cathedral +++

According to Reports the “Bild” and “Kölner Express” is to close to the Cologne Cathedral shots have fallen. The SEC have cordoned off a road and a Person arrested. Although there is no evidence of a kidnapping, but the police are currently seeking a building after a possible armed persons, as a speaker.

+++ 14.40 PM: Still no clues in the investigation in the case of the new year’s eve killed mother +++

In the case of in the new year’s eve killed three times the mother out of the vicinity of Kiel police and Prosecutor’s office continue to investigate with high pressure. On Friday, officials continued at the crime scene in the municipality of Schönberg, among other things, the search for other kinds of cartridges, as a spokeswoman for the Prosecutor’s office in Kiel said. The survey of local residents has continued. Investigators have received several tips. A so-called hot lane is not among them, said the spokeswoman.

new year’s eve tragedy in Kiel

the mother of Three children died “with high probability” by a gunshot wound

After the death of a 39-year-old mother in Schönberg near Kiel in the new year’s eve night, the Prosecutor’s office is “a high probability” of a gunshot injury.

+++ 14.33 PM: shield of Merkel’s constituency office in Stralsund stolen +++

Unknown offenders have stolen a brass plaque, indicating the constituency office of Chancellor Angela Merkel in Stralsund. It was apparently stolen in the night in the city centre of the Hanseatic city, such as the police headquarters of Neubrandenburg said. The value of the plaque with the inscription “the Bundestag deputies of the CDU, Dr Angela Merkel” is still unknown, according to police.

+++ 14.06 PM: WHO: More than 600 cases of the deadly Ebola Virus in Congo +++

In the Eastern part of the Congo health organization, WHO, are, according to the world meanwhile, more than 600 people to the life-threatening Ebola Virus disease. Of which 560 cases were confirmed, the other 48 probably, informed the WHO in Geneva. 365 people have died since the outbreak in August, including 18 helpers.

The majority of new cases occurred in cities and peri-urban areas in the North-East of the country. The containment of the haemorrhagic fever in the province of North Kivu is particularly difficult, because in the raw materials area, several armed groups are active. The world health organization (WHO), this is now the second worst Ebola outbreak in history.

+++ 14.02 PM: Young woman in Berlin with a shot to the head killed – two-arrests +++

After the fatal shooting of a 25-year-old woman in Berlin, two suspects have been arrested. The both 29, and 39-year-old men were strongly suspected to have the young woman about a week ago with a shot to the head killed, as police and prosecutors informed rushed. Both were in the interrogations confessed. The murder weapon was found during the searches. The men should have killed the woman, according to investigators “vain”. The 25-Year-old was on 27. Killed December in a driveway in an industrial area in the district of Neukölln, with a shot from a gun. On Wednesday, the officers arrested initially, the 29-year-old Ex-boyfriend of the woman and the alleged shooter. Against him, in the meantime, a warrant was issued for manslaughter. On Thursday it was then the 39-year-old alleged accomplice, provisionally, he should be paraded on Friday by the judge.

+++ 13.56 PM: fire on German container ship on the Atlantic ocean +++

On the container ship “Yantian Express” of the German shipping company Hapag-Lloyd has broken out on the high seas a fire. The fire had originated from a Container on the Deck and have access to the Container is transferred, informed the shipping company in Hamburg. The immediately initiated fire would have had to be discontinued due to bad weather. The eight officers and 15 sailors on Board were unharmed.

“Yantian Express” is a 320-Meter-long cargo ship under the German flag, the can download 7510 standard containers (TEU). The 17-year-old ship is on the way from Colombo (Sri Lanka) via the Suez canal to Halifax on the canadian East coast. Currently the ship is located roughly 650 nautical miles off the canadian coast in the Atlantic ocean. For an accurate assessment of the damage to the ship and the cargo it is still too early, – stated in the message. Hapag-Lloyd is working closely with all relevant authorities.

+++ 13.16 PM: report: Google transferred in 2017, nearly 20 billion euros to the Bermudas +++

The U.S. large company, Google has funneled through legal loopholes in the year 2017, almost 20 billion euros to Bermuda, and as a result, several billion in taxes saved. The funds were funneled from the Netherlands to the British overseas territory, where, again, a Irish Google-Holding has its headquarters, as the financial newspaper “FD” reported, citing data from the Dutch chamber of Commerce.

In Bermuda there is no income tax. The procedure is legal. In 2016, the in this way, Google transferred the sum amounted to around four billion euros less. Google said that the company had in all of the countries in which it operates, the rules are, and I pay all the taxes that were necessary. The majority of his royalties to Google bar “like other multinational companies” in its home market.

Google, as well as corporations such as Apple, Facebook and Amazon, is always accused to circumvent such legal Tricks to control and bring the Treasury of substantial revenue.

+++ 13 p.m.: SPD: data-attack will not intimidate us +++

The SPD wants a mass release part of sensitive data on the Internet will not be intimidated. “The competition between democratic parties will take place through the competition of ideas, not through the publication of sensitive personal data,” said Secretary-General Lars Klingbeil on Friday. A possible political Motivation of the attack would have to be resolved. Also the parliamentary group managementleader Carsten Schneider said: “The democratic competition is not illegally obtained the personal data compromise.”

+++ 12.20 PM: Wild Puma of tree in Chile’s capital, Santiago, saved +++

A wild Puma has kept a quarter of the Chilean capital of Santiago more than 15 hours long in suspense. According to the Stadtzoos the approximately 30-pound young animal remained motionless in a high tree in the city of El Arrayán, until it could finally be saved. Expert shot from a tranquilizer dart on the animal, it fell from the tree and landed after 18 meters as a precaution in mattresses.

“What’s the scenario”, – said the head of the rescue competent Zoos, Alejandra Montalba. You are insured, the risk to the young Puma was low. The branches of the tree had cushioned his fall. Alone, he would not come down, she assured. The animal was initially housed in the Zoo, it will later be released into the wild.

+++ 12.12 PM: security expert data leak: “Clearly, hard work” +++

The personal and confidential data of politicians and Celebrities in the network do not originate according to expert evaluation from a single source. In the data, it was a Potpourri of Material from different Hacks on Mail Accounts, said the renowned Karlsruhe IT security expert Christoph Fischer of the dpa. “Someone has apparently tried with a lot of hard work to open e-Mail Accounts,” said the fisherman. The first presumption is that a Central Mail Server of the Bundestag was cracked, have not been confirmed. “You can always find something. Because hard work is clearly behind.”

+++ 12.05 PM: government warns of fake data in the leaked Material +++

government spokeswoman Martina Fietz warned, it is also fake data could be in the Material introduced. The Chancellor’s office has received this information on Thursday night are aware of the case. The Federal government still does not know whether the data has been fully exploited by a hacker attack. The way in which the flown down of the data, “can still not be established with certainty”, said a spokesman. The security authorities have determined that it is “relatively current as well as older data packages”.

You hold it in government circles, according to dpa-information is also possible that someone who has by his activity access to sensitive data, could have put this online. It is established that the data drain is not made through the government’s network, it said. A possible point of attack was the power of the Bundestag. Among the Concerned is also a member of the Landtag.

+++ 11.50 am: Federal government: No sensitive data of the Chancellery released +++

By the data leak have been released, according to information from the Federal government, no sensitive data of the Chancellery. The Vice-government spokeswoman Martina Fietz said. The same is true for the Chancellor.

Whether it is a hacker attack, could be confirmed by the Federal government, nor denied. The government was aware only Recently of the data leak. Hundreds of people are affected by the publications. All the levels ” – politicians from the Bundestag, the European Parliament and to the country days to the municipalities that were affected,” said the Deputy government spokeswoman Martina Fietz.

Apparently from the hacker all the parties represented in the Bundestag, with the exception of the AfD attack, so the CDU/CSU, SPD, Green, Left and the FDP. The National Cyber defence centre took over the Central coordination of the case.

+++ 11.30: Published data: Green apply to Committee special sessions +++

you have requested The Greens in the Bundestag after the release of data and documents, a special meeting of the Committee on internal Affairs. Also, a meeting for IT matters, the Bundestag Commission for the use of new information and communication technologies and media, in short ICT-Commission, had applied for the group, said a spokesman for the German press Agency.

news about celebrities and politicians

This is the Account known of the private data released

In December were published on a Twitter account, hundreds of private information of politicians and Celebrities, including holiday pictures and photos of children. We know about the user.

+++ 11.26 PM: Hacker-Account on Twitter +++

The Twitter Account is locked, the Links to personal data and documents of hundreds of German politicians, Celebrities and journalists have been released, has been locked. The Account was initially achieved, from the morning to the note of the “Account is locked then appeared”. Unknown published, apparently, already before Christmas on the Twitter Account Links to identify, among other things, photos of the staff, letters or phone numbers of numerous politicians. A spokesman for the Federal office for information security (BSI) and the Federal office for the protection of the Constitution (BfV) said to the AFP news Agency, the authority is involved in the process.

+++ 11.12 am: brass plaque of Merkel’s constituency office stolen +++

the brass plaque on The constituency office of German Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) in Stralsund has been stolen in the night to Friday. A police spokeswoman said in Neubrandenburg, determined the state protection, as a politically motivated Background of the fact can not be excluded. The Board, which carries, among other things, the inscription “the Bundestag deputies of the CDU, Dr Angela Merkel”, was attached to the outer wall of the constituency office. A member of staff of the constituency offices had noticed the damage on Friday morning.

+++ 11.05 am: Container-wreck: Dutch soldiers rooms beaches +++

soldiers in the Dutch Wadden sea Islands have begun after the wreck of the container ship “MSC Zoe” in the North sea with the clean up of the beaches. About 100 soldiers arrived early Friday morning on Schiermonnikoog. The use of the army to take at least two days.

In the night of Friday, a second bag with peroxide had been found on Schiermonnikoog-load. Meanwhile, the Wadden sea Islands have made the Swiss shipowner MSC be liable for the damage.

+++ 10.56 PM: rider joined prior to the accident with five dead, probably due to the radar system and track +++

Just two weeks after a serious road accident in Aachen with five dead, the police have clarified the circumstances of the head-on collision to a large extent. Apparently, a 20-year-old motorist had to detour in the road surface taken in the contact loop of a radar system wherecases, and, therefore, was on the opposite lane changed, the police announced. There, a car came towards him with three occupants. In this car bumper died in the night together on the 22. February in Stolberg, a 44-year-old woman, her 17-year-old son and her 16-year-old daughter. In the other car, a 21-year-old passenger killed, another 22-year-old passenger died two days later in a hospital. The 20-year-old driver and a 20-year-old passenger were seriously injured.

+++ 10.38 PM: Three arrested after attack on AfD-office in the Saxon town of Döbeln +++

After the attack on an AfD-office in the Saxon town of Döbeln were taken three suspects on a provisional basis. The 29, 32, and 50-year-old alleged perpetrators had been taken during the immediately initiated search measures on Thursday evening, as the land criminal police office (LKA) of Saxony announced in Dresden. The state of protection of a politically motivated act.

On Thursday evening exploded in front of the party office of the party in Döbeln according to police, an unknown substance. The building in which the office is located, incurred by the LKA, considerable damage to the door, the shutters and the Window glass. No one was hurt.

Döbeln in Sachsen

SPD politician, after the Explosion in front of the AfD office: stop the harm of democracy

The Vice-SPD-Prime Minister of Saxony, Martin Dulig, has condemned the attack on an AfD-office in the Saxon town of Döbeln. “Violence is not the means of democracy,” he wrote on Twitter.

DPA +++ 10.34 PM: the Dead and injured after Explosion at gas station in Kabul +++

an Explosion At a gas station in the Afghan capital, Kabul, and a subsequent fire at least three people have been killed. Further, at least 44 people were injured, said the spokesman of the Ministry of health, Wahid Majar. At least six people floated, therefore, in danger of their lives.

A first Explosion occurred shortly after midnight (local time), as a Tanker of petrol in the petrol station in the centre of the city have filled up, said the interior Ministry spokesman Nasrat Rahimi. Two more explosions were then heard. The fire have access to an adjacent residential building is transferred, said Rahimi. Images in social media showed a multi-storey building that was on fire, a burned-out tanker truck and several burned-out cars.

+++ 10.30 PM: Ex-mayor in Anti-drugs fight in the Philippines killed +++

In the case of an Anti-drug missions in the southern Philippines has been killed, the former mayor of the city of Parang, Talib Abo,. The deadly exchange of fire with the police have occurred on a Friday morning, authorities said.

The police and Anti-drug units would have to be searched in Cotabato subscriptions house, and the house of his brother. Both had made armed resistance, said the head of the local police, Rolly Octavio. Subscriptions brother was also killed.

+++ 10.25 PM: Weber calls to Amberg stricter deportation policy of the EU +++

After the alleged attacks of asylum seekers to passers-by in the Bavarian town of Amberg the CSU-Europe politician Manfred Weber called on the European Union to a stricter deportation policy. It is an important question, “to ensure that law and order in Europe will be implemented – and this also includes the deportation,” said Weber of the “Augsburger Allgemeine”. Weber requested the EU to make it a condition for the access to their trading markets, that other countries would have to take back their rejected nationals. “Who here is a criminal offence, forfeited as a refugee, guest-right.”

+++ 10.19 PM: death toll from train accident in Denmark, identified no Germans +++

The eight victims of a serious train crash on the bridge over the Great Belt (Storebælt) in Denmark are identified. As the police of the Region of Funen (Fyn) on Friday morning announced, five Danish and three Danes between the ages of 27 and 60 years of age. Germans are not among the dead. The foreign office said on Thursday that there is also no evidence that the German state had citizens among the 16 injured in the accident.

The train crash – the most serious on Danish tracks, since 1988 – in had occurred on Wednesday morning on the Storebæltbrücke. The investigation into the cause of the disaster continue. So far, it is assumed that a truck-trailer that triggered the accident when he crashed into a freight train, allegedly on the oncoming train with 131 passengers and three crew members. Unfortunately the time it had stormed violently – for cars, the bridge was blocked, but not for the trains.

+++ 10.13 PM: tropical storm “Pabuk” in Thailand: a fisherman killed +++

The tropical storm “Pabuk” has brought in front of the South-Eastern coast, a fishing boat to capsize. The body of a fisherman was found on the beach of the province of Pattani, reported the daily newspaper “Khao Sod”. Another fisherman was in a heavy swell, therefore, still missing. Close to the island group Koh Raya, South of Phuket, more than 100 tourists were because of the approaching danger of a boat were rescued.

spur of possibly the worst tropical storm in decades reached on Thursday in the South of Thailand with heavy rains and strong winds. According to the meteorological authority of the storm “Pabuk should meet” on Friday evening (local time) on Land. Their assessment suggests that Pabuk could be killed “” similar to the destructive force of tropical storm “Harriet” in 1962, nearly a thousand people in the country.

+++ 10.02 PM: After the Explosion in front of the AfD office in the Saxon town of Döbeln state protection +++

identified After the attack on an AfD-office in the Saxon town of Döbeln determined the state protection. A spokeswoman for the land criminal police office (LKA) of Saxony, said in Dresden that it was to be presumed that it was a politically motivated act. It will, however, be determined in all directions.

On Thursday evening, had been brought in front of the party office in Döbeln, according to police information, an “unknown substance to the point of Explosion”. The office were damaged, as well as the first findings is that, apparently, also two parked cars and two additional buildings. The people were not injured.

+++ 9.58 PM: the number of unemployed drops in 2018 2,340 million to a record-low +++

The unemployment rate in Germany has fallen from 2018 to the lowest level since the reunification. In the past year, Agency for work (BA) according to information from the Federal government, an average of 2,340 million people in this country unemployed – and 193 000 weniger as in the previous year. The average unemployment rate fell by 0.5 points to 5.2 percent, said the BA in Nuremberg, Germany.

+++ 9.20 am: car and driver agree on collective agreement +++

The Deutsche Bahn has reached agreement with train drivers ‘ Union GDL on a new collective bargaining agreement with higher salaries. This is both sides with the shared. In Frankfurt, agreed a long-term scheme strikes of the entire railway, are excluded to the staff now to March 2021.

+++ 9.05: 13 Canadians in China since the arrest of Huawei Manager arrested +++

In China, 13 Canadians have been taken since the temporary arrest of a Chinese top Manager in Vancouver. Eight of them were later released, a spokesman for the foreign Ministry in Ottawa said on Thursday. Among those released is the teacher Sarah McIver, meanwhile, returned to Canada, according to a government representative. The names of the other victims were taken for privacy reasons.

Still in custody, the former canadian Diplomat Michael Kovrig and living in China, North Korea expert Michael Spavor, on 10 seats. December were arrested. The two men are Beijing, suspected to endanger the “national security” – in China is a euphemism for a suspicion of espionage.

According to observers, the arrest of the two Canadians was a retaliatory action by the Chinese authorities for the establishment of the Chinese Manager Meng Wanzhou in Canada. Meng, the chief financial officer of the Chinese technology group Huawei, was on 1. December in Vancouver. In the meantime, she was released on payment of a Deposit and, under strict conditions. The process for their extradition to the USA but still.

+++ 7.20 PM: Dulig after the Explosion in front of the AfD office: plot of democracy +++

hurt After an Explosion in front of the AfD office in Döbeln has been convicted of Saxony, Deputy Prime Minister Martin Dulig (SPD). For the attack there is no legitimacy, wrote Dulig on Twitter. “Violence is not the means of democracy. The AfD must politically be fought and not with an explosive device.” Panes and doors of the offices were damaged in the Explosion on Thursday evening. Two parked cars and two other buildings also sustained damage. No one was hurt. Dulig wrote: “This attack will help the AfD and is detrimental to the democracy.”

The reasons for this fact are still unclear, said a spokesman for the police. It was the suspicion of a politically-motivated act but there. The state office of criminal investigation is involved in the investigation.

+++ 6.05 PM: tropical storm “Pabuk” draws on Thailand, no major damage +++

perhaps The worst tropical storm in decades has struck the South of Thailand with heavy rains, strong winds and up to five meters high waves on the lake home. So far, but reported no major damage or deaths, as the authorities of the country have informed. The with tourists popular holiday destinations, Phuket, Ko Samui and Krabi were spared, informed the civil protection in Phuket, the German press Agency.

storm “Pabuk” was moved on Thursday from the South China sea up and in the province of Nakorn Si Thammarat in the country. According to the meteorological authority, he now moves with a wind speed of up to 80 kilometres per hour towards the West. The authority had previously warned, “Pabuk” could similarly be destructive killed as tropical storm “Harriet” in 1962, nearly a thousand people in the country.

+++ 5.44 PM: for the First time, the temple of the fertility God Xipe Tótec in Mexico discovered +++

archaeologists have in Mexico for the first time, a temple of fertility and war God Xipe Tótec from prähispanischer time discovered. As the national Institute of anthropology and history told, was the remains of a cult place in the ruins of the archaeological site of Ndachijan-Tehuacan found in the state of Puebla. Were discovered three stone sculptures of Xipe Tótec: place two skinned heads and a Torso.

Xipe Tótec, also known as the “flayed God”, was venerated especially in Central and Western Mexico. According to the scientific community sacrificed priests prisoners, to the honour of God, before they skinned on an Altar, and your skin überwarfen. The temples were used in the period between 1000 and 1260, the conquest of Mexico by the Spaniards began in the year 1519.

+++ 5.13 PM: Gatwick airport deploys Anti-drone technology a +++

To the defence of drones, the UK airports of Gatwick and Heathrow set in the future on a specific defence technology. The British news Agency PA reported, citing the two Airports, for the Anti-drone equipment could be several million pounds invested. Thus, the threat posed by drones should be eliminated. Shortly before Christmas, witnesses had spotted in the air space at the Gatwick airport drones. About 1000 flights were cancelled for security reasons, or diverted. Affected were a total of 140 000 passengers.

The Anti-drone technology could discover communications between a drone and the operator and block, it said. She was stationed on a roof at Gatwick airport, should have a range of several miles, and use four radars, in order to have a 360-degree angle. A spokesman for Heathrow said: “The safety of our passengers and colleagues is our highest priority.” You will work closely with the competent authorities, including the police.

Chaos at the airport in London

Gatwick and the mysterious Shutdown case: The irritating communication to the police

Who is the drone flights on the British Airport Gatwick is responsible and what the motive is? The case remains mysterious. Around 200 drone sightings should be reported to the police. The investigators are strong in the criticism.

DPA +++ 3.54 PM: Two in USA by sect abducted children in Mexico freed +++

The Mexican police have freed two in the US of a sect abducted children from their kidnappers. The 12-year-old Boy and the 14-year-old girl had been discovered in a Hotel in the state of México in the center of the country, according to the Mexican Ministry of Security. The kidnappers were arrested.

the Suspects to be members of the ultra-Orthodox Jewish group Lev Tahor. The cult will always be accused again forced marriage and child abuse. The members do not use modern technology and the women of the community wear bodenlange black robes.

+++ 3.20 PM: After the wreck: search of containers in the North sea continued +++

After the wreck of the giant cargo ship “MSC Zoe” is the search for the lost containers. In German waters so far, ten containers were sighted, but only one of them could be backed up, such as the Central command for Maritime emergencies said. The other nine were from oil monitoring aircraft or the police helicopter. They were, however, already fallen, as the ship reached their Position. In the case of the search of the containers under water to help on Friday, the special vessel “Wega” from the Federal Maritime and hydrographic Agency (BSH).

“MSC Zoe”

Giant cargo ship loses 270 Container – some are dangerous, Finder

features Still numerous containers adrift in the North sea. Almost 300 pieces were gone on Tuesday on Board a huge freighter. Multiple to dangerous goods.

DPA +++ 2.13 PM: Beijing, the U.S. Delegation is expected from Monday to talks in the trade dispute +++

In the trade conflict with the United States has announced in China the visit of a US Delegation in Beijing. U.S. government representatives were expected on Monday to two days of talks in the Chinese capital, said the Chinese Ministry of Commerce on Friday. The Delegation will headed by the Deputy trade Jeffrey Gerrish officer directed. At the talks it will go to the “implementation of the important consensus”, the US President, Donald Trump and China’s head of state Xi Jinping had made.

Xi and Trump had been on the sidelines of the G20 summit in Buenos Aires on a ceasefire agreed in their Trade dispute. At a dinner, they agreed, for the time being, the new punitive tariffs threatened to abandon it. The United States put China at the same time, an Ultimatum: If Beijing does not comply with the demands for a removal of trade barriers within a period of 90 days, to increase the punitive tariffs as planned. Beijing had assured at the beginning of December, the swift implementation of the Washington agreements.

+++ 0.39 PM: British Brexit-Minister: a New Referendum would Land columns +++

Shortly before the landmark vote in the British under the house on exiting the EU Treaty, warned Britain’s Brexit-Minister Stephen Barclay before a new referendum. “A second Referendum would trigger even more disagreement. The current level in the UK is torn, would be small compared to the voltages that would cause a second vote. It would divide our Nation,” said Barclay of the “world” and other European Newspapers.

A second Referendum was not time before the European elections end of may, is also feasible. “Before the elections to the European Parliament, a Referendum can not take place. But then would have to take place in the UK European elections. What is the meaning of a huge democratic failure, because the citizens have voted for the exit, but now the end of may, yet again to choose,” he said.

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