How to Find Sponsored Blog Post Opportunities

Bloggers often begin writing a blog to document what’s happening in their lives. They might be having their first child and want to share the experience with family and friends. Another common reason people begin blogging is because they have an intense interest in a particular topic and want to share what they know and learn.

Most bloggers don’t begin writing on their blog to earn money but to share information. As time passes and their readership grows, they learn that marketing and monetizing their blog can help pay for related expenses. One way to do this is by finding or writing sponsored blog posts. Where do you find opportunities for them? This article will help you find the answer.

New and seasoned bloggers understand that they can make money by creating products which can be sold on their blog, or by posting advertisements for products they use, or by being an affiliate for a product they believe in. Sponsored blog posts, however, are written by the blogger for another company to be placed on the blogger’s blog with the hopes of enticing people to visit their website. The blog writer does receive pay for publishing the blog post.

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How do you find sponsored blog post opportunities, though? There are many businesses, both large and small, that are looking for popular bloggers to partner with in this way. Below are some of the places a blogger can go to learn more about getting sponsored posting jobs that may not only benefit the company the post is written for but also for the blogger’s pocket book.

The Sway claims to be the “best choice for securing sponsored campaigns.” They indicate that they have campaigns that span more than three or more months.

Blog Meets Brand says they have over a network of over 40,000 influencers. They manage influencers (i.e., bloggers) in order help generate brand awareness for the brand with original content, running contests, or other means.

The Motherhood is another influencer market agency which connects brands with bloggers to reach out to the blogger’s readers to learn about different companies through social platforms, sponsored blog posts, or other methods.

Everywhere Society connects a company’s brand with influencers (bloggers) who readers turn to for advice, inspiration, and entertainment. The blogger may create sponsored blog posts, video content, and social media campaigns to benefit the company.

Tap Influencer Marketing helps connect businesses with bloggers who are able to create content which will inspire and to sell the company’s products. They specialize in food, beauty, fashion, and lifestyle categories.

You can also find other websites that you may sign up with that connect bloggers with companies seeking people to create sponsored blog posts for them. Search for “influence market agency” on any search engine and you’ll find the sites above as well as others within seconds.

It is a good idea to create a media kit which gives information about you and your blog. Include information about how many page views your blog receives each month, what type of social media influence do you have (followers), things you’re passionate about, and explain about your target audience. 

It would also be helpful to know what compensation you expect to earn for sponsored blog posts. Have a figure in mind when you speak with a company but allow them to make an offer. They may offer you more than you thought you could earn. 

There are other ways to find sponsored blog posts, as well, but reaching out to one (or more) groups listed above or through your own search are great places to begin.

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