Nuvias Hub Platform Gets Major Upgrades

Nuvias Hub Platform Gets Major Upgrades

Unified Communications solution provider Nuvias, recently announced a slew of updates to the popular Hub and Dovetail platforms. According to the company, they’ve always wanted to make Hub their single platform for interacting with customers online. With the new release, Dovetail has been integrated into Hub, providing a host of advantages.

The single Hub environment means that users get the same, cohesive interface for all of their tools. Additionally, Hub allows Nuvias to take a multi-tier approach, as their customers often vary greatly in capability and size. The new Hub design will enable it to be adjusted according to the needs of the end-user. You can mix and match indirect and direct solutions according to your individual requirements.

The Biggest Updates to the Hub Environment

Taking the feedback of their customers into account, Nuvias has implemented a number of upgrades into the new Hub environment. For instance, they found that many of their clients were asking for dashboards where it’s possible to examine recent data insights and useful information.

Nuvias Hub Dashboard

Nuvias also drew attention to the high level of integration that the company can achieve between their solution and other distributors. In the latest release, Nuvias isn’t just bringing Dovetail and the webstore into the Hub family; they’re also providing a deeper level of integration too. Dovetail customers who choose to purchase Dovetail alongside a set of handsets will be able to select an option for Dovetail provisioning in the checkout page. This allows clients to pre-select where they want their handsets to go in Dovetail.

Through workshops with customers, Nuvias also found that the configuration templates that they had been offering weren’t quite right for their users. They took the feedback they received and rolled out a range of new service templates where the firmware will not be configured within the template. The attributes in the template are also intelligent enough to know what firmware and model they’re valid for. What’s more, each template is versioned to help with tracking the changes made to each solution.

Additional Upgrades to the Nuvias Experience

Another major update that Nuvias revealed this month was the arrival of a search function for the Hub. At the top of every page on the application today, you will be able to find a search bar with access to:

  • Service templates
  • Devices
  • Users
  • Products
  • Orders
  • Organisations
  • Groups

The solution is powered by Elasticsearch, and it will be expanded as Hub continues to grow. On top of this search function, Nuvias is striving to ensure that they’re giving their customers the best possible service by upgrading their privacy statement with information about third-party tools that they currently use, including HotJar, Inline Manual, and Google Analytics.

Importantly, Nuvias pointed out that the data that it collects is anonymous and aggregated where possible to remove any personal details. There have also been plenty of additional updates made to Hub. In total, the company has delivered 152 fixes and features to the overall system.


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