Openstack Rocky builds on automation, upgrades and usabilit…

Time again for another Openstack release, the open source infrastructure’s 18th iteration – Rocky – which promises to heap on new features that further improve automation and usability among a variety of hardware architectures.

According to the Openstack Foundation, some of the more notable enhancements include refinements for bare metal provisioning service Ironic as well as fast forward upgrades so that users can upgrade to the latest releases more easily.

“I think some of the biggest improvements are around the bare metal management, basically enabling people to build Openstack bare metal clouds with Ironic,” executive director of the Openstack Foundation, Jonathan Bryce, tells Computerworld. “Once you’ve automated your physical hardware in your data centre, that brings a ton of flexibility to what you can do with that infrastructure – you can run virtual machines on it with Nova, you can run containers directly on the bare metal and then orchestrate them with Kubernetes, Mesos, Swarm, or whatever you want to do.

“Ultimately one of the things we’ve heard a lot in the last year is how important it is to make that physical infrastructure more automated and more flexible.

“In the Rocky release, a couple features that bring that about are the ability to manage the BIOS settings on a server, the ability to boot from RAM disks – it makes managing a physical server an experience that’s much more close to the experience of managing a virtual machine, it’s faster, you can control more of the server through software, and you can integrate it into your systems and into your software and operations workflows.”

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