SalesAgility Launches SuiteCRM 7.11

SalesAgility has released SuiteCRM 7.11 with several bug fixes, new workflows, Elasticsearch, and Google calendar synchronization.

Elasticsearch is an open-source RESTful search engine to centrally store and index data. SuiteCRM will now provide users a faster and more scalable way to perform full text searches via Global Search on larger data volumes than before.

Also new to this version, users can now perform bidirectional Google Calendar synchronization. Users can authenticate using their Google logins and synchronize their meetings, updates, reminders, and invitees, to their Google calendars.

“Thanks to the innovative work of our developers, combined with important contributions from our community, we continue to advance SuiteCRM’s world-class capabilities,” said Dale Murray, CEO of SalesAgility, in a statement. “As the maintainers of SuiteCRM, we remain committed to the guiding principles of open source that are valued so highly by our customers and community.”

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