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These are some of the enterprise IT stories we are following:

Microsoft’s GitHub takeover sends shockwaves through the open-source developer ecosystem

The worlds largest git repository is getting a second lease of life. GitHub has been struggling with revenues even as it is facing new rivals. The knight in shining armor for GitHub is none other than tech giant Microsoft who has taken control of the world’s top git repository. However, Microsoft is bound to face new hurdles could arise if devs move to rival services like GitLab, BitBucket because of the fear of Microsoft moving the open-source system into a closeted one. Read more about Microsoft’s takeover of GitHub on Silicon Angle. Also see: What The Enterprise IT Professional Needs To Know About Git and GitHub.

Apple, Pixar and Adobe back a standardized AR file format

Apple, Pixar, and Adobe are collaborating on a standardized AR file format called the Universal Scene Description file, or USDZ. This was Apple announced by Apple at WWDC 2018 keynote in San Jose on Monday. The new standard will make sharing AR files across will be much easier under iOS12 thanks to a new file format the company has developed in conjunction with Pixar. The Universal Scene Description file, or USDZ for short, will offer the ability to display 3D rendered AR objects within a single “zero compression, unencrypted zip archive” file, optimized for sharing. Source: Engadget.

Google’s Hangouts Meet to work with other video conferencing systems

For those who thought that Google Hangouts is dead are in for a surprise. The search giant unveiled an all-new G Suite with interoperability between Hangouts Meet and other video conferencing systems like select Skype, Cisco, Polycom products. The new features are Google’s attempt to make Google Hangout or G Suite more of a productivity tool rather than a social media network. Read about the new G Suite features on ZDNet.

Nordic countries oppose EU plans for digital tax on firms’ turnover

This news may be great for the US tech companies operating in Europe. Three finance ministers of Sweden, Denmark, and Finland respectively have opposed the newly announced digital tax on companies generating revenues in European Union. The proposed tax would have had a cascading effect on companies like Facebook, Google etc.  The three finance ministers announcement could further weaken the plan proposed by the European Commission in March. It has already attracted criticism from smaller EU states and a lukewarm response from Germany’s new government. Read more on Reuters.

‘You’re Stupid If You Don’t Get Scared’: When Amazon Goes From Partner to Rival

Wall Street Journal’s Jay Greene and Laura Stevens take a behind the scenes look at AWS CEO Andy Jassy’s strategy for expanding the cloud platform by building new features and services that sometimes compete with partners on the platform. Amazon’s new push could put several of cloud services companies who use AWS to run their services in direct competition with AWS. Read  Jay Greene and Laura Stevens article on Wall Street Journal.

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