Technology Is Changing The Marketing Game

Technology is constantly changing the marketing landscape. Marketing in itself is growing due to these new channels and therefore increased competition.

( — September 13, 2018) — Just like in most other industries, evolving levels of technology are constantly changing the marketing landscape. Marketing in itself is growing due to these new channels and therefore increased competition. With that, marketing leaders need to always be on the lookout for up and coming trends in sectors like advertising, finding customers, customizing information, web design, and even data collection. Luckily, while technology has made it somewhat harder to keep up with the competition and their marketing strategies, it’s opened up the different channels that marketers can use. Technology does present many challenges when it comes to marketing, but on the other hand it makes targeting consumers, reaching large numbers of consumers, and creating high-quality content much simpler. Here are just a few ways in which technology is changing the marketing game. 


As we all know, technology allows us to be connected to organizations, family, friends, and worldwide news all the time, in real time. The ability to stay connected via the web is being utilized in the marketing world to get information out to consumers as quickly as possible. Prior to technology and the ease of communication, information took some time to travel, be printed, read, and understood. Now, companies, reporters, PR firms, and bloggers can spread stories like rapid fire. Given the capability to release news with such little turn around time, markets are reaching potential consumers quicker than ever.

Greater reach

Just as information can be spread quickly, it can now travel through tons of different media outlets. Social media plays a large role in this real-time information because platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and SnapChat are constantly being checked and updated by consumers.  If a piece of information was to begin trending, it can quickly go viral by cross-posting on different social media sites and illuminating the share feature that most have to offer. Social media is not the only platform that’s reaching consuers. More basic forms of communication like email can also be utilized. You probably receive hundreds if not thousands of promotional emails a year for companies you’ve previously placed an order with or considered buying from. It’s much cheaper to blast an email than it is to send promotions via snail mail. Can you imagine getting hundreds or thousands of pieces of mail with the same information you get in your inbox? The cost in stamps alone could outweigh the cost of the employee’s salary that created the promotional email.

Sly marketing techniques

Digital marketing has also made it easier to advertise and market to consumers without overstepping the threshold of market clutter. Sometimes, consumers don’t even realize they’re viewing or reading content that has been created with the purpose of influencing them. This type of marketing has been more popular and simpler to execute with the use of technology and the web. You’ve probably played a role in pay-per-click advertising, affiliate marketing, search engine marketing, or even search engine optimization. According to The Social MS, these are the definitions for the strategies mentioned above.


Pay-per-click advertising: “the marketer pays for each click on a link to a website…almost all social networks offer the opportunity for pay per click advertising. These ads then appear in the feed of the targeted social media user.”


Affiliate marketing: “a performance-based type of digital marketing. The marketer does not pay for traffic but rather for conversations… affiliate marketing is popular with bloggers and high-traffic website owners who make money from selling other people’s products to their audience.” Selena Gomez is actually one of the highest paid celebrities for performing this service.


Search engine marketing: “refers to the paid traffic from search engines.”


Search engine optimization: “the process of optimizing content or websites so that they show up in search results in search engines like Google.” There are many people and companies like Jimmy Huh, a Long Beach SEO Consultant who have mastered this skill. 

If you’ve ever used the Internet, you’ve probably engaged in all of those sly marketing techniques. While they’re not at all meant to be deceptive, it allows a brand or company to stay in the minds of consumers without pushing advertisements or promotions at them in a more concentrated and obvious manner. These forms of digital marketing have proven to be very effective for companies and so the innovativeness surrounding their approaches is an important aspect of the marketer’s success. 

Television/radio advertisements

These two forms of marketing have been around for quite some time, but doesn’t it seem like the content just keeps getting better and better? Depending on the popularity of the channel and the time at which an ad is going to be displayed, the price can be astronomical. One of the prime examples of media slot cost is during the Super Bowl. Some people only watch the game so that they can rate the newest and some of the most expensive commercials that are going to be aired that year. Media time is expensive and that’s why you typically only see already popular brands airing high-quality commercials during primetime TV. Radio advertisements are similar. The approach is different because you’re not viewing anything, only listening, but it’s easy to cater to certain sectors of the marketing depending on the channel you’re airing your ad on.

Content and web design

With innovative applications, software, and editing systems, content has never been as high-quality as it is today. Websites are engaging, advertisements are clear, website designs pop and make consumers remember the brand. Of course the quality of content is a testament to graphic designers, engineers, and all of the other creative minds behind the scenes, but it couldn’t be done without the growth of technology. You’d be hard pressed to identify a well-known brand with a website that isn’t optimally designed to keep customers clicking and interested in the content. In the years to come, technology is only going to become more and more relevant when it comes to marketing. This fact will be sure to keep marketers on their toes.

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