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The rate of unemployment and displacement of jobs is high in the country now. One of the best ways to survive is to get a job online. Internet-based businesses do not always need much capital. You just need to apply some strategies that will aid you to make money online.

Yes, some of the internet-based jobs do not need much capital to begin. Some of the jobs like freelancing just need your internet supply, data subscription, electricity supply, a pc and your intellect. If you are ready to write, then you will be rolling in good money for yourself from so many clients.

To crown it all, you will be able to work across so many countries. In my two years of active freelancing, I have worked with Nigerians, Americans, Indians, Pakistanis, Ghanaian and so many other countries. This is no much different from other web-based jobs such as affiliate marketing, mini-importation, blogging and the others.

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There are so many other web-based jobs you can embark on and we will see a few of them below.

How to make money online as a Nigerian

As we have discussed earlier, the internet based jobs can be done anywhere with an internet access, but they are not limited to the country. You can with the help of social media advertising and search engine targeting, reach out to so many other countries.

Some of these jobs include:

1. Blogging

Blogging is one of my favorite home based jobs. It is very interesting because you can do it from any part of the world, and you can blog on any topic of your interests. We have previously published an article on how to set up a successful blog and you can check it out. In my own words, blogging is simply the act of monetizing your hobby. It is an awesome way to make money online in Nigeria. Assuming your hobby is writing, then with blogging, you can create a website, get a domain name, write some contents and get users to read them. When you start getting good traffic back to your site, you can now start making money from the site. There are so many ways to make money from your site such as affiliate marketing (we’ll see more on that), sales of ad spaces, sales of your products, information marketing and many others. Blogging is like a business and the way you manage it will determine what it will be for you.

2. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is also another awesome way to make money online as a Nigerian. It is one of the ways to make money online from your blog, but you can also run it without a blog. It can be defined as the the act of promoting people’s products and generating commissions from the sales. The commissions can be something close to 50%, in some cases of digital products where the owner has zero production cost and in some cases as low as 2%. You have to be familiar with the commissions linked to the products you are promoting before you promote them. You will also need a website or another online platform where you will be placing the products you are promoting. It could either be a blog, a website, an internet forum, a Facebook page or something else of your choice. Some dedicated affiliate marketers also promote the links directly to the page. Whenever you are promoting products, always shorten the links with a url shortener like in order to help you track your click backs too as there have been cases of cheating.

3. Freelance Writing

With freelance writing, you will be writing articles for people and generating money from them. This is one of the best ways to make money online in Nigeria. There are so many Facebook groups that can help you do this, and you can also join job boards like,,, Freelancer and so many others.  Many of these sites pay via Payoneer, so I suggest you sign up for an account now. There are so many things you can do as a freelancer, such as writing and graphics designing. Others include website creation, app creation and so many others. Your skills will determine your pay. You must also be able to deliver on time to avoid negative ratings on your products.

4. Vlogging

Vlogging is a term that not so many people are familiar with, but is very lucrative. It involves the creation and monetization of videos, or simply put, running of video blogs. The videos are hosted on YouTube or even your own blog. You can monetize them by using the YouTube AdSense, sales of products, affiliate marketing and selling of ads. It is also lucrative and with a good number of loyal subscribers, it can turn into a career for you.

5. E-commerce

E-commerce is also a great way to make money online as a Nigerian. You will post about your product on your e-commerce website, advertise it and get sales. It is very interesting because you do not have to go around meeting people to patronize your goods and services. You only need to make a simple tweet, blog post or Facebook post and the job will be done halfway. You must be able to convince people into patronizing from you since they are not physically with you. Some top e-commerce stores in Nigeria include Jumia and Konga.


Finally before you go, don’t forget that to make money online especially in a country like Nigeria, you need determination. Our epileptic electricity together with the expensive data make matters worse. Take the internet like a business and it becomes one for you.

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