There are a maximum of 10 million Android Go smartphones ou…

Google has been suspiciously silent about the performance of Android Go. We have so far not seen any official numbers regarding Android Go-related sales. That, however, doesn’t stop manufacturers from releasing Android Go smartphones. We might hear something at the upcoming Google event next month though.

Until then, we can have a very vague idea on Android Go’s success. The Google Go app has surpassed 10 million installs on the Play Store. No, this does not mean that there are 10 million Android Go-powered devices out there. The application can be installed by regular Android platform users, which kind of makes the number really vague.

This is especially true because the Google Go app debuted ahead of Android Go as a liters Search solution. However, we can extrapolate, and say there is an absolute number of maximum 10 million Android Go smartphones out there. The number by itself is pretty big, but it represents only a small portion of the total 600+ million Android smartphones sold this year so far.

Android Go is an ambitious project that aims to put cheap smartphones in the hands of those who don’t want to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars on a smartphone, and still get a bang for their buck. We’ll see if Google wants to share more on this in October at the Pixel event.

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