‘Truffle oil’ becomes a hot topic on realtime search engine…

MAMAMOO‘s Hwa Sa has done it again with her totally unique and carefree mukbang style!

On the February 22 episode of ‘I Live Alone’, Hwa Sa managed to captivate viewers with her delicious mukbang, this time right from home with a quick instant meal. For lunch, she went to the kitchen and simply pulled out a packet of instant black bean noodles (Jajang ramyeon) from her cabinets, earning awes from the studio cast members. 

Instead of pouring the regular oil provided in the instant packet, or olive oil as most Korean tend to do, Hwa Sa chose to pour a special ingredient – truffle oil – in her jajang ramyeon. During her interview, she revealed, “It’s called Truffle jajang ramyeon, and it is a different class altogether from regular instant ramyeon. I like greasy foods and also love strong smells in food, so I put an unnecessarily large amount [of truffle oil].” 

Shortly after the broadcast, the keyword “truffle oil” became a hot topic on various realtime search engines as many commented, “Hyejin as the new model for Jajang ramyeon, leggo!”, “I’d better order some truffle oil online!”, “I wanna try it but truffle oil sounds kind of expensive..”, “I saw truffle oil on ‘Delicious Guys‘ too, I guess it’s a trending item these days”, and more. 

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